FTC Leverages RBX Network to Secure Client Documents On-Chain

• ChainwireFTC, an award-winning Inspection and Engineering business for nearly 30 years, has announced the integration of the ReserveBlock RBX Network protocol to tokenize paperwork, lab tests, and files on-chain.
• Clients and construction departments of FTC will now be able to obtain relevant files directly from FTC without a third party by hosting their own Beacon on the RBX network.
• By integrating the RBX Network, FTC can give all work products an authentic and verified signature while eliminating any uncertainty regarding their authorship.

ChainwireFTC Announces Integration With ReserveBlock RBX Network

ChainwireFTC (FTCNY.com), a nationally renowned and award-winning Inspection and Engineering business for nearly 30 years, has announced the beginning of the integration and use of the ReserveBlock RBX Network (reserveblock.io) protocol to tokenize their paperwork, lab tests, and files on-chain to assure authenticity for FTC’s clients and respective building departments.

Increasing Transparency Through On-Chain Documents

Clients and construction departments of FTC will now be able to obtain relevant files directly from FTC without needing a third party due to hosting their own Beacon on the RBX network that keeps data solely for its intended receivers. Additionally, after successfully integrating with the RBX Network, FTC is also making it possible for clients to confirm documents, test results, and inspection findings through its current client portal as well giving all work products an authentic signature verified by blockchain technology.

Benefits Of The RBX Protocol For The FTC

With using the RBX protocol on chain tools will enable them to advance their company without having to bring in house blockchain engineers as this technology develops further they also want to include a few more features that will aid in developing solutions for their clients. Vice president Michael Marchese stated “This is fixing a genuine issue of doubting the legitimacy of inspection reports, building department filings, and other documentations previously requiring a certified expert to sign and seal”.

About ChainwireFTC

FTC is owned and operated by professional engineers with over 50 years of experience expertise with fully accredited technical team of professional engineers field engineers certified technicians project managers delivering wide range services engineering special inspection testing services accordance plans specifications adhering local national code standards additionally accredited laboratory performs in house testing construction materials structures providing certification repair recommendations structural restoration structural protection projects throughout North America West Indies Caribbean Islands Puerto Rico Guam Europe Asia South Pacific Middle East Africa Central South Americas Canada Mexico Virgin Islands Bahamas Anguilla Antigua Barbados Dominican Republic Grenada Haiti Jamaica Trinidad Tobago Turks Caicos Aruba Panama Costa Rica Honduras Nicaragua Ecuador Peru Venezuela Belize Guatemala El Salvador Colombia Bolivia Brazil Paraguay Uruguay Chile Argentina Antarctica Falkland Islands Faroe Islands Greenland Iceland Ireland Scotland Wales United Kingdom Italy France Germany Austria Switzerland Spain Portugal Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Denmark Norway Sweden Finland Cyprus Russia Turkey Greece Israel India Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria United Arab Emirates Yemen Bahrain Bangladesh China Japan Korea Mongolia Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Laos Maldives Pakistan Sri Lanka Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Brunei Philippines Australia New Zealand Fiji Samoa Vanuatu Tonga Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Marshall Islands Micronesia Palau Northern Marianas Kiribati Nauru Tuvalu Cook Islands Niue Tokelau Wallis Futuna American Samoa Western Sahara Algeria Egypt Libya Mauritania Morocco Sudan Tunisia Djibouti Somalia Kenya Tanzania Uganda Burundi Rwanda Seychelles Comoros Malawi Mali Senegal Gambia Guinea Guinea Bissau Sierra Leone Liberia Cote d Ivoire Ghana Togo Benin Burkina Faso Niger Ethiopia Chad Central African Republic Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Angola Zambia Mozambique Madagascar Namibia Botswana Zimbabwe Lesotho Swaziland South Africa .


The integration between ChainWireFTG & ReserveBlock’s RBS network provides convenient access for customers & construction departments seeking authentication & verification when obtaining documentation from FTG. Additionally allowing customers access through FTG’s client portal gives assurance that all work product have authenticity & accuracy maintained througout its lifespan via blockchain technology provided by RBS Protocols